Real time octave pitch shifter (like an octave pedal, Boss, etc)?

Is it possible to use Ardour and an appropriate pitch-shift plugin to achieve a real-time octave shifting that’s at least reasonably close to the original sound of the instrument? This is what some guitar octave pedals manage to do—most famous example may be the opening riff of White Stripes’ Seven Nations Army (where Jack White plays the guitar through such a pedal and he sounds like a bass).

I tried a couple of pitch-shift plugins from the “manage plugins” list, but they were horribly distorting the input sound and produce a buzzing and distorted output. A quick search online (not Ardour related) pointed me to these plugins:
Zplane Elastique pitch 2
quikquak Pitchwheel
Kvr pitch shifter

Is there a way to make any of those work with Ardour (on Linux)?

Thanks for the hint!
It turns out rubberband is installed by default by Archlinux pro-audio group, so I had it on my system already—alongside the gazillion other plugins I have no clue how to use…

I’m going to try it out right away.

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And I must say I’m impressed! It works reasonably well in real time, even though the note’s attacks have some issues. But great! Thanks again


I really like the Octaver in the
I can use my guitar to play a bass part in realtime, with this as a plugin on a track.

I’m not sure if I installed them from this github repository or from elsewhere

In the plugin manager it comes up under kpp

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