Real crossfades in 5.0


I installed ardour again recently (5.0, used 2.0 before).

Im quite upset that i cant make crossfades like in Sequoia, ie. the fade-out on the first track is automatically coupled with the fade-in on the second track.

Instead in all manuals i could find it was done as a separate fade-out and fade-in. This is a terrible solution for me as i need to have both fades the very same length, connected together, having to edit both separately!

How do i do this?

thanks, mixer99

mistake: in the last sentence, I mean I have to edit both fades manually

I just tested this with Ardour 5.9 and it works fine for me. You need to have overlap for crossfade to work, meaning the first sound needs to continue past the start of the second sound.

Please upgrade to Ardour 5.9 because there are many many known bugs on Ardour 5.0.

Ardour does not crossfade across tracks. It crossfades between layers inside a single track.