Read my Article About Ardour!

Hello all, I’ve been using Ardour, Rosegarden, ZynAddSubFX and more FOSS together as a very powerful DAW for a few months now. I’m so excited about it that I’ve written an article that attempts to orient a potential new user to the environment and minimize their learning curve. Can anyone help me out by leaving some feedback and perhaps corrections?

I haven’t finished any projects yet, but when I do I’ll throw an mp3 up here.

It’s a home studio!

s/home //

there, fixed that for you

It sounds like you’re using 2.1 or earlier. I’d recommend compiling 2.3 or getting 2.2 from, and checking out this page:

There have been significant improvements in the editing model.

Thanks a lot. Good news that the Presonus Firepod runs in Linux/Ardour. I was thinking about buying a 8 in // interface, but so far noone could confirm that he found one that works, so we always captured the drums on a Tascam 2488.

I might sell that Tascam and get me a firepod and a decent multi-fx for the cash :o)


Seb: I don’t understand…did this forum edit what you posted?

cbreeze: Thanks a lot for the info and link, I’ll be checking that out immediately. Looks like I’ll have to update a lot of what I wrote about editing!

shovelhead: Yes, i was psyched when my FirePod worked out of the box! But they stopped making the “FirePod”, which they gave a new name. i don’t know if they changed anything else about it though.

I just finished recording some guitar tracks for a friend, I’ll post the track after I’ve mixed a bit so this topic will actually make sense in this section of the forum.