Re-installed 6.7...Desert Island Theme?

I just reinstalled 6.7 after some distro experimentation and…What on Earth is “Desert Island Selection” and how do I get rid of it? The colors remind me of a psychedelic twist on Pro tools circa early 2000s.

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It’s the code-name of Ardour 6.7 (after the Eno Album), entirely unrelated to look and feel.

For themes check out Preferences > Appearance. Maybe you’ve used a custom theme with older versions that is no longer compatible with 6.7?

Ah. Embarassed I didn’t catch the reference. It was a fresh OS install and Ardour came in with a wild day glow theme and Windows 95 era windows. I changed the theme to dark and all is better. I had never changed the theme from stock before.

Thanks, Robin.

Did you install AVLinux? The latest fix ISO (posted yesterday) has the DieHard3 theme as default which one could well describe as “wild day glow” (I quite like it :wink: ).

It was Fedora 34. I think someone at Ardour was pulling a prank. The theme was complete with Win 95 era gray pop-up windows and grainy text. Once I changed to one of the native themes, everything returned to normal and the retro-Nintendo inspired theme wasn’t reproducible.

Not Ardour but the person who packaged Ardour for Fedora 34 perhaps. Or it was a simple mistake.Who knows? As long as you got a chuckle out of it :slight_smile:

Definitely a good gag. I wish I hadn’t changed to a stock theme before I got a screenshot. I just assumed I’d be able to toggle back.

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