Rave Generator 2, probably the best plugin ever ;-)

I just need to share this, looks like so much fun!

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this is a nice sampler plugin, how did you stumble upon it? someone should add this to kvraudio so that users can find it easier. :slight_smile: thanks

I learned about it in the KVR One Synth Challenge slack channel :grin:

Thanks for sharing. Tthe good thing is that it is avaieble for many os. It could be better with open source

Lovely plugin. One warning: for linux users, if you use the Nouveau video driver for an Nvidia card, the GUI of this plugin will not show (it will just be black). This is because the plugin uses openGL for its GUI and there is a bug in the Nouveau driver when openGL is used by multi-window applications (like Ardour with a plugin window open). It’s unfortunate.

Late to the party? – You’re lucky, then. Usually Ardour just crashes when this happens; but it may require opening a second plugin window to trigger this. Perhaps this crash was fixed that and it’s only black.

A lot of plugins are affected by this, too. All overtoneDSP ones, all DPF ones (falktx, kxstudio), the Harrison XT ones that are bundled with Ardour, most JUCE based ones, zam-plugins, and x42-plugins.

Using the nvidia-binary blob solves this (the issue is that concurrent operations on multiple contexts crashes the nouvau driver). The issue has been raised with nouvau a couple of times.

How do I install it??

the ravegenerator tar archive contains an instruction pdf on how to install the plugin. basically you just copy the .so file to a vst path and do a rescan of the plugins in the Ardour settings – it is meant to be used on a midi track as it is a synth plugin…

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Thank you I created a new path and set the ardour to look there for the plug ins.

what is the RaveGenerator2-bank2.fxb ? is it a part of the plugin or something more ?

fxb files are presets (afaik)

thanks. now i think i have to find or create a folder like usr/share/??? to use it. i search