Rated Blue Mixes - I See You Comin'


A song I wrote abour 20 years ago finally remixed, redone and finished in Ardour 3.4. Features Pete Cox on bass. The organ on the choruses and during the guitar solo is setbfree… I’m lovin’ it!

Comments and Critiques welcomed,

320K MP3 - http://bandshed.net/music/Rated_Blue_MIXES/I%20_See_%20You_%20Comin'.mp3
SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/glen-macarthur/i-see-you-comin-rated-blue

Overall I like the structure and flow of the song and the vocal(s) fits well into the rock “tag” of the song. The change in rhythm and tempo gives the break a nice relaxed feeling and the guitar solo is melodic and catchy. If I were the producer I would bring the lead vocal a little more forward in the mix and tell the drummer to leave the double kick bass pedal at home.
BR, Christian


This is fantastic! This is a wonderful showcase if what free software can do.

And… obviously you :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. This kind of a ballpark mix to get some feedback, 20 years later the song itself seems a little overly earnest but I liked the sounds and different parts enough to finish it.

Your feedback is very appreciated and your suggestions make sense, obviously the double-kick is a matter of opinion but I agree it probably doesn’t need to be so prominent in the intro bars of the song.

I fully agree with you, Ardour and the plugins we have available now make the process itself as enjoyable as writing/playing the songs. Long gone are the days of excuses about whether Linux Audio has the tools needed to get equivalent results to other platforms…

Another fine mix, G. But I’d like that vocal to stay out front, at times it’s a bit swallowed in the mix (as heard though my cans). Great guitar sound, as usual, and Pete’s playing is just great, also as usual. Excellent drums - I presume they’re Hydrogenated ? :slight_smile:

Nice work !



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unfortunately the soundcloud does not play here…


@DavePhillips, Hey there, thanks for having a listen and the ‘sound’ advice, I agree and have replaced the original mix and stripped out some guitars which actually gave the vocals more room automagically and also lets the organ be heard a little clearer. Although I try to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oil I do like some trans phats in my drums, the drum sounds are compliments of Addictive Drums via Hydrogen, the drums were sampled with Synthclone which I did a tutorial on a while back. BTW the updated mix of ‘See That My Grave’ with your killer vox is also on Soundcloud now if you want to update any links.

@oNNogitaar, Ooops sorry about that, I’ve been updating a bunch of mixes lately and one I originally linked is gone, since we can’t edit our posts here currently I hadn’t gotten around to posting a new link. Anyway thanks for pointing that out, here is an updated mix link: http://bandshed.net/music/Rated_Blue_MIXES/ISeeYouComin-Revision4.mp3

Thanks for the new link!
Cool rock&roll, i could not say anything usefull to that. Would probably redo the doubled vocals so they are more together in time.
Sounds very well balanced. Exept i think the drums(how real are they?) take too much space during the guitar solo.
Well done!

drumming for the confused
@GMaq: I’m curious what you mean that the drum sounds are from “Addictive Drums via Hydrogen,” What is your drumming chain? Are you using Hydrogen to program and then routing the midi out from it to AD (and then audio to Ardour)? Or do I have it wrong and there’s a human player in there?


To clarify I used Synthclone to sample Addictive Drums (which I own) and then created Hydrogen Kits using Synthclone. I then programmed the drums in Hydrogen in the usual way, there is a human player, he’s just using a mouse instead of drumsticks…:). I actually do play drums but in the time it woud take me just to set up mics and get sounds on an acoustic kit I can have the whole arrangement done in Hydrogen and use the AD samples which are far superior to the sounds I could get in my little studio.

The details on creating the H2 kits can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/73053302


Thanks for the heads up on synth clone, I didn’t know about that and may have a need for it before to long myself:)