Rated Blue - Live Blues set


Here’s a recent rare Rated Blue gig doing a bluesy set, Shot on smartphone and the phone Audio was cleaned up with Ardour 8.2. Video editing done with Cinelerra-GG…


Nice dude, just nice. All three of you.

PS: the first song needs more cowbell. :rofl:

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Entertaining vibes, I really liked it!

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In the unlikely case there are any fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival here I’ve added songs and clips from our second set which on this particular night was a tribute to CCR…


Not quite…
CCR also used to be part of my repertoire :wink:

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I’ve been playing 'em for 30+ years and it’s become a calling card, they don’t seem to die…

I went to a John Fogerty (main CCR dude) concert across the border a few years ago and there were Grandparents, Bikers, Vietnam vets, Soccer Moms, teenagers, Democrats and Republicans all singing the choruses at the top of their lungs in unison… Despite how bored I had become of playing it and how moldy-oldy I though it had become I thought anything that could inspire this kind of unity in such a disparate audience must be something special…

In addition to my desire to make new progressive music, CCR always ensured some money in my pocket at a dance event. :sweat_smile:

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