Rated Blue - Live at Red Barn Brewing Co

A collection of songs and clips recorded on a Samsung S21+ Smartphone and the Stereo capture enhanced and balanced with the Auburn Sounds “Lens” Plugin and limited with U-he Presswerk in a nightly Ardour 7.5 build. Posting it here in case anyone is interested. It was our only gig so far this year and a majority of the set was unrehearsed so the camera tells the truth.


Thanks for sharing. The outdoor set sounds pretty good for a phone recording.

…it rained until you’ve moved the equipment, then the sun came out again…

classic. The same happened here last weekend.

I like the small PA speakers that you’re using. What model is that?

Thanks @x42, I appreciate it!

The little PA has been blowing my mind, it’s a Hughes & Kettner ‘Lucas Nano 600’ which has now been discontinued and replaced with the 602 and 605 models. The Canadian music store chain Long & McQuade were dealers but sales were soft so they were blowing them out at roughly half of the new price. I bought it on sale for a living room/rehearsal PA and I started bring it to small acoustic gigs and I quickly learned it had ample power even for gigs with a drummer. It’s a 10" sub and two satellite tweeters attach to the sub for transport. The whole system takes up less than half the space of what my regular JBL system subwoofer alone takes up.

Specs are here: LUCAS NANO - HKAudio

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