Rated Blue - Heavy Dub Reggae recorded live with Ardour


A live kick at the can of Al Green’s “I’m A Ram” recorded with Ardour 5.12, video edited in Cinelerra.


*ADDED, the rest of the session… might as well share them all in one thread

You Don’t Know What Love Is…(Cover) https://youtu.be/gkg-0S0Spu4

When You Got A Name (Original) https://youtu.be/j65fFz2yP9Q
You (Original) https://youtu.be/O9HJwSj5r0M

Man On A Wire (Original) *Audio only, camera battery died… https://soundcloud.com/rated-blue/man-on-a-wire-live

That live recording sounds great! Could you share how you produced it (mics, mastering plugins, etc…)? Your band sounds amazing.


Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, I haven’t been here much lately and am just enjoying and getting up to speed on the great tunes you’ve posted here recently as well.

Live stuff is kind of my thing and I’m always working to do better… I fail as much as succeed but am almost happy with the sound on these latest sessions.

Kick - AKG D-112
Snare and Toms - Sennheiser e609’s
Drum Overhead - A discontinued ART large diaphragm tube condenser (sorry model has faded from memory)
Guitar Amp Cabinet - Sennheiser e609
Bass Amp Cabinet - Shure SM57… bass player tunes to B so I intentionally use the SM57’s 80hz rolloff to keep the punch and lose the sub frequencies
Vocal Mic - Shure SM58, nothing special…

Ardour, I don’t use much in the way of EQ except for the Kick and I’m mostly relying on mic bleed from the room for natural ambience. I use a combo of the Calf Bass Enhancer and the linuxDSP (Now OverToneDSP) PEQ-1A to boost the Kick low end and a post fader Calf Limiter. On the snare I like the built in Ardour ‘a-compressor’ with it’s poppy snare preset, it instantly makes any snare sound great often without any EQ. I also used a touch of TAL Reverb-II plate Reverb on the snare to spread the attack out a bit, the snare is tuned high and the single-ply batter head has a short attack which cuts nicely in the mix but it needs more body for slow tunes. On the toms I use Barry’s Satan Maximizer which is a phenomenal compressor for percussive instruments.

For mastering I used the linuxDSP Black-EQ for some corrective EQ…ie frequencies around 250hz tend to pile up so cutting that frequency about 3db cleans up a lot of low mids and I also gave a boost 0f 2db at 1000hz for mid presence. I used the U-he Presswerk Limiter post fader on the Master bus, it’s commercial but well worth it, it’s transparent and doesn’t get harsh too suddenly, it very nicely tells you where the sweet spot is…

Hi GMaq,
thanks for sharing, as usual nice work on the play, record & mix; You guys ROCK :slight_smile:
(if you permit : since skank times seems to need to have a lil’ more work from you (but only if you like to play in a reggae band!))


I did a Remix and played around with adding some more effects to the live tracks, of note is the ‘Shiro’ reverb it’s pretty trippy! Also cleaned up some EQ issues with the drum cymbals and bleed on other tracks. Prolly not worth a re-watch if you’ve already seen it but unfortunately the URL had to change… New URL is here: