Rated Blue - "Cranked Remastered" released!


Bandshed Records presents the Rated Blue compilation “Cranked Remastered” on Bandcamp, All streaming services and Compact Disc.

Liner notes:

“Cranked Remastered” collects early material from Rated Blue’s first two albums “Three Walls Down” and “Turnabout” in freshly enhanced and remastered versions. These tracks literally thunder with intense attack and raw power and make no secret of the bands love of heavy roots and blues in a power-trio context. Though the band may tip their hats to a music form strongly associated with a bygone era the songs themselves have lost none of their political bite and even after almost 10 years they are still as topical as today’s headlines. Seeing a need to cast these early recordings in a more polished context guest keyboardist Dave “Benny” Williams was enlisted to bring his tasteful shades of color to sweeten and balance the sonic gut-punch that is Rated Blue’s hallmark. This set collects the strongest songs from both albums and presents a new version of “Waiting” stripped down to a revealing acoustic solo performance. The MacArthurs (junior and senior) with stellar bassist Peter Cox pay profound respect to their root inspirations while managing to revitalize the form with fresh musical ideas. If you missed these songs the first time around you will be rewarded with a second chance and an optimized listening experience in this new collection.

Stay tuned for a new Rated Blue album of fresh material coming Summer of 2024!


Was this recorded and mixed with FOSS tools?

Hi Ricardus!

It was recorded and mixed with various versions of Ardour and a combination of FOSS and commercial Plugins including Calf, Airwindows, x42, ACE, SWH, TAP, Auburn Sounds, Audio Damage, ACMT, U-he, Fabfilter and probably some I’ve forgotten.

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