Raspberry pi 3 DSP performance

Hello does anybody use or tested raspberry pi 3 with latest version of Ardour, due to the lack of Cpu features I was told that the DSP usage is generally a bit higher but does anyone test it at different buffer settings just to see the DSP usage?

Obviously you’re not going to get comparable performance to (for example, a similarly clocked) modern AMD or Intel desktop CPU, but having tried a few different DAWs, I’d say the DSP usage is not that different between DAWs on the RPi3, though you need to make sure you try like for like as regards buffer settings.
In other respects its hard to judge like for like because there are many other factors that might affect the DSP load in a real use case - in terms of overall CPU usage and general UI responsiveness etc, I found Tracktion / Waveform to be the best, Reaper a close second and Ardour… not so good.

You can get a RPi3 for almost nothing, and you can (demo) all the DAWs for free - so the best answer is buy one and try it.

(I’ll also add that the RPi3 is something of an odd platform for a DAW - I ported some plug-ins to it, so people can use them if they have a use case that suits them - but, while the RPi3 is incredibly cheap, by the time you have added all the other extras which you would need to make it a DAW in the conventional sense, you could have bought e.g. a used Dell desktop machine on ebay and have a much better system)

Ok I am curious about the plugins, do you mind sharing which of yours are ported to RPi? I ask more because I can see a point to a small mixing setup if it is capable of low latency processing for specific purposes for live sound on occasion, not a huge deal, just curious.


All of them run on RPi3 - the graphical EQ needs opengl support, which isn’t in the standard Ubuntu MATE for RPi3 install, but can be added - though apparently its still experimental


Is that DSP high when using these analog type plugins on the pi3, was there any roadblocks that had to be overcome in order to provide the ARM versions, in your opinion stecthese arm chips capable, I saw that the iPhones ARM chips they have right now are better then some intel chips in some areas.