Ranges export still buggy ?

Hi there,
I have been using ardour in a few projects like good ol’LP ripping, etc. And I have experienced total freeze of ardour quite a few times when attempting range exports. Whole session exports are always fine. And I can live with changing the location of the Start/End markers. But I would have thought that the range export would just work by now. I saw this in all ardour 2.x. Last time was with the latest SVN w/ VST support, just yesterday evening.

Can confirm this ‘Range Export’ bug exists. Can reproduce on an Ubuntu 7.10 and Studio64 system (both i386).

While performing a ‘Range Export’, progress meter progresses approx 1/10th of the bar and then the entire Ardour interface freezes (moving windows over Ardour, Ardour window will not redraw) with CPU at 100%. The audio is still being exported, as when the program is left alone a complete wav file be in the export folder. However, CPU usage remains at 100% even after the audio has finished exporting and the Ardour interface remains frozen. There is no way to determine when the export process has completed. 'Kill’ing Ardour messes JACK up as well.

Couldn’t find any mention of this bug anywhere else.

Thanks to thorgal for providing a simple work-around (using the start/end markers as ‘surrogate range markers’), didn’t occur to me to try that.

And thanks to the Ardour team for providing an excellent application.

Range Export Issue:
Experiencing this same issue on Ardour 2.3.1-1 on ububstudio 8.04

Glad to find this workaround and i hope it works.
Bugs likes this stresses the hell out of you, because this is a critical part of the process.

While on this topic, i could not get ‘export selected to audiofile’ to work at all.

Thanks to the dev team for this great piece of software.