Range marker won't snap to region

Two related problems. When I select a region and hit R I expect the range markers to be placed at the beginning and end of the region, however they are being placed with a small gap. When I try to manually drag the markers into place they won’t snap to the region’s start/end position. This is in A8.2.0.

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It gets worse. I just opened an old session, created in an earlier version of Ardour, probably 7, where the range markers were correctly positioned with the start/end of their regions. But they no longer are!

Aha it seems to be related to the session time domain, I had it set to musical, I’ve changed it to audio and at first glance it seems the issue is solved.

What is the purpose of the two time domain options, why would I choose one over the other? I can’t find this info in the manual.

It is not in the manual mostly because it is very new.

All markers adopt the time domain of the session. Audio regions use audio time no matter what. MIDI regions use music time no matter what (for now).

Why would I choose one over the other though? I don’t think I’ve come across this in other DAWs so I’m not sure what its purpose is. Is there a reason I would ever want my markers to not be sample accurate?

A very general example:

If you are working with composition, musical timings etc. use the time domain. If however(As an example) you are creating SFX for movies where things are not timed musically, but need to happen sporadically and accurately then work with audio time.


But as Paul says audio is always using audio time and MIDI is always using music time. So why not just always set the project to audio time so that markers (which are the only thing affected by this?) are always sample accurate?

It’s also not uncommon to mix MIDI and audio in the same music composition project.

I actually after typing that post decided to jump on IRC and point out a couple of use cases for having them ‘cross pollinate’. I suspect @paul chose his words intentionally when he said ‘for now’.

I wasn’t arguing one vs the other I was just answering your question:)

There is a lot of thought to go into this due to vastly different workflows between SFX generation, Music Composition, Music Recording, and Film Scoring for instance just as a few examples which can create vastly complex decisions to be made.


Sure, I appreciate it! I think I’ll just use audio time for everything because I still don’t see any advantage to not using it.

If you were working almost entirely with MIDI, and added markers, you’d likely want those markers to align precisely with various things (regions, notes, patch changes etc.) that will be using musical time. You’d likely also want them to move if/when you edit the tempo map.

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Aha so in audio time they are fixed to where they are placed? What about in a mixed audio/MIDI project? Would it be possible to lock some markers to the timeline while others move with tempo map changes?

Not at this time. We removed this option for v7 because of the confusion it has caused so many users. We may reintroduce it if we can find an idea for how to do it without that confusion.

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