randomizing audio volume

(Fred Rech) #1

Trying to humanize a bit some audio tracks recorded from machines, I like to change the volume (just a little)) on an HH track. Is there a way to do it more quickly than with “touch”?
(have seen a “random pencil” in PT)

(Fred Rech) #2

@cclaude: you’re right! have the MIDI track now, select all the HH notes, right clic, transform, velocity, random number, between X & Y, done.
That to say that Ardour ROCKS!!

(Fred Rech) #3

Thanks paul :slight_smile:

(Chris) #4

You know, in the time we have discussed this, you could probably have just re-recorded the hi-hat part. :slight_smile:

(Paul Davis) #5

strat ojaune: go to the Scripting section of the manual, then the Lua Reference. Search for gain_control …

(Fred Rech) #6

@x42: as you know am not a coder, and “Snippet”, name = “Fader Automation” doesn’t lead to a knowned path that I will take time to learn those days… But it’s cool!

That remember from old times comes, when read the code of the LUA item above (don’t know why, it just comes!): we were writing on a sheet of paper: "
11:33 HH -12.5
11:34 BD -8
the sheet was between the 2 Auratones on the board, and it was several white pencil marks beside faders or around pots to help to find the right level, engineer does more complex mixing stuff, and when 4 or 5 or more of us have to do fader movements during the song and were concentrated on the clock (sorry for bad english)), everyone has his own sheet sometimes…

Rahh! I probably can do quickly the same without any sheet in Ardour fader automation touch mode!

Thanks again anyway, x42, to give helping hand again & again, even when I tend to complexify simple things!!

(Robin Gareus) #7

There are no plans to add a dedicated tool for this, but at some point Ardour will support a trim-automation mode (write automation relative to existing automation).

Meanwhile, you could use a Lua script. There is a demo-snippet that comes with Ardour called “Fader Automation” that you could modify, see Menu > Window > Scripting

(Colin M Fletcher) #8

Not quite randomising the volume, but maybe the x42 MIDI Velocity Randomization filter would help: http://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-midifilter

(Fred Rech) #9

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:
@cclaude & colinf: as written it’s audio track but i’ll try to have MIDI one
@paul: does that kind of answer allow one to imagine that it will be integrated in 6?

(Fred Rech) #10

@paul: is it possible to learn to do it with the ~new LUA thing?

(Paul Davis) #11

I’m not sure. A lot is possible from Lua. A quick survey of the Lua API suggests that you could get the gain control and modify its automation list.

(Fred Rech) #12

@paul:“Lua API gain control” leads to nowhere related to goal. Maybe bad to not use G*****E in this case, but you know?!.. Maybe you have some time and willing to paste a link? Thanks again & again!

(Chris) #13

Do you have audio or MIDI data to work with? There is a plugin called DrumGizmo that has some humanizing feature, but it is more of a drum machine type plugin, you send MIDI data and the plugin produces the audio.

(Paul Davis) #14

Not at present (present == August 2018)