random reboot problem

Hi all,

I got the weirdest problem ever,
well i think.

In my old pc i used to have random digital clicks and stuff,
and would reboot at random.

And now i got a new pc, completely different hardware, except for a RME HDSP 9652 card,
and even my new pc is rebooting at random.
At least it gives me 5 minutes of recording time, without any clicks :P.
The CPU is always at 50% ( 1.8 turion ) and my dsp is running at 6%. And i got 4 gig of ram.
But it’s a PITA. Anyone has any idea how to fix this?
When building my new pc i tried to stick to use the least amount of VIA chips,
as i have been told on the ardour website.
I already mailed RME with this problem, i hope to get a response soon tho.

Any suggestions people?

Specs: Studio Ubuntu 8.10 with RT-kernel
Fujitsu Siemens AMD board with 1.8 Turion
4 gigs of ram
ATI Radeon onboard videocard

Well if the common denominator between the old and new PC is the same RME card, that seems like the likely culprit.

You could also try using a non rt kernel to see if that changes anything, I have a vague memory of seeing something about rt and the Radeon driver clashing.