Random jitter using RME HDSP9632 with worldclock

I have been having this problem for some time now,
i don’t know what to do about it,
i already tried restarting my machine, Focusrite Octopre LE’s, i even reconnected the worldclock cables,
but nothing would work.
The worldclock is set too 44.1 khz, and i keep getting random digital jitter.
I hoped Pulseaudio would fix it but it didn’t ( I am using ubuntu , but Dynebolic always works fine ).
Has it something to do with the low latency kernel dynebolic is using? If that’s the problem i immidiatly upgrade to ubuntu studio :D.

please help me out here, i can just witch to dynebolic, no problem, but when i am doing my homework in ubuntu i like to put some nice music on :smiley:

tnx in advance!


I have no idea what you mean by “jitter”. In the context you describe, this is conventionally a technical term applied to tiny variations in the rate at which the sample clock “ticks”, typically measured in parts-per-million or smaller.

I suspect you mean “clocking noise”. You probably need to fire up hdspconf and make sure you’ve selected the appropriate sync source for your setup.