Rain on ardour 5.5-Ubuntu 16.04.1 lts and synths

Rain - Gennaro Giugliano uses : Dx7 + Micron Synthesizers,Ardour 5.5 Live recording,Qjack,Record My Desktop (Screen Video) ,Open Shot (video editor) Lexicon Alpha usb audio card, Imac 24 core duo duo computer,Ubuntu 16.04.1 System

https://www.facebook.com/gennaro.giugli … 953566077/

Take at look at Antracto’s works, you can find them on the tube and on soundcloud. They might give you several ideas about that kind of music. Not for copying obviously, but listening to the others’ work, you can develope your own work.

Hi telover,thanks for your advice, I will definitely see and hear the content that you suggested.