Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack - Thingamagig demo

(Ardour Fa3cv) #1

Thingamagig is my Ardour-based lighting and effects project. It standardizes everything (levels, MIDI, lighting, plugins, etc) so that, if your computer is configured to Thingamagig, all you have to do is download the session, plugin in your guitar and mic, and press play.

No pedals. No amps. No external equipment. Just a guitar (and lights if you want them).

This and more sessions here: https://github.com/cyrusadkisson


(Rodney Wallace) #2

Holy shit, that’s awesome! I will definitely check it out, great work man! Awesome project :+1::clap:


(Ardour Fa3cv) #3

Much appreciated. Configuration might be a little confusing, so please let me know if you have questions. I’ve tried to make instructions in written and video form, but I’m sure they could be better. This is early still.

I’d start here…

… and then try to do steps 1-4. Biting off more than that is going to be frustrating to start.

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(Rodney Wallace) #4

I will definitely start from here then, first time ever trying this, so cool though, loved it. Many thanks again for this awesome project!


(jbuczek) #5

Thanks for your efforts! This is really awesome! :slight_smile:

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