Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

Thingamagig = FOSS guitar karaoke (with lights)
No pedals. No amps. No knobs. No presets. No cost. Any guitar.


  1. I used cell phone audio bc I wanted to use this Rainsong and it doesn’t have electronics. Also I needed an excuse for why my attempt at Yorke-y vocals sucks. Yes, I said “yorke-y”.

  2. This is the most basic session possible: just backing and lights. The only guitar effects (should you pipe through the session as I have NOT done here) are delay and reverb, assuming acoustic the whole way through. Feel free to fork and edit if you want dirt starting at “She looks like the real thing”.

  3. Wow that frontman light was bright! Gets less intense when the wash turns on after the first verse.

  4. I like this camera angle. Sorry for messy apartment. It’s a workshop, people!