Radio feature in German station Deutschlandradio Kultur

Unfortunately Ardour is barely known among people who work at radio stations in Germany. I’ve been telling a lot of people about it - hope some of them might give it a try some time… :slight_smile:

Since Ardour 4 has solved the problems I had had with audio export under Ardour 3 I can actually use Ardour as a reliable system for doing my work.

Now it has shown its reliability during my last feature on Deutschlandradio Kultur ( ): dealing with a biographical film about bassist Jaco Pastorius.
It was fun to mix it using a Mackie MCU Pro - though I’m still a beginner with that and find it still tricky to handle automation with faders.

Here is a screenshot of my project:

And this is the result:

It was a great fun - with:
Ardour 4.6
TangoStudio on Debian 7
Mackie MCU Pro
Spendor M100 monitors
Neumann TLM49
and a twelve years old Pentium 4 pc… :wink:

Thanks a lot for developing Ardour 4 !


listening right now, great feature!

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Fortunately it’s still possible in German radio to make such features. Hopefully it might be possible in future, too…
By the way, the DVD is very nice - a good film, not just for bass players.

Sounds great!

That automation looks like a nightmare to get right…or is it easier to draw that in Ardour 4? (i’m still on an older version with connect-the-dots style)

Also, what combination of compression and de-essers settings do you have on the main narration? It sounds very pleasant!

Oh thank you :-).

As for the automation: Yes I use Ardour 4 (meanwhile 4.7 of course) and it works fine. I could already draw this stuff in Ardour 3 but got a serious problem when exporting my project to a *.wav file. I guess it had something to do with my individual use of automation.

Glad to hear that you like the sound. Actually I have not used any effects like compression and de-essing or other ones…
Just a combination of:

It’s always nice to have a performance so well-balanced it doesn’t even need plugins! (and with good gear too of course)