R&B; People Make The World Go Round

I’m not sure if the Stylistics are the original artists but they can be seen and heard playing People Make The World Go Round at youtube.com.

I produced this version for Curly Martin (drums), Scott (guitar) and Pooch (bass) at my studio Mirror Image on 8-07-2007. I’ll hand off this version to Terrace Martin, of Snoop Dog, and recieve keys or Alto tracks back. It’s one song of ten for their new album.

We’re getting the icecast and oddcast streaming server running at Mirror Image, again. During the next session Terrace, Los Angelos, California, will listen to the band stream off the master bus of my mixing consol in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I paid Taybin, less than he is worth, to write Ardour Session Exchange (SEX). In my mind, SEX was a proof of concept that should be written into or more tightly integrated within Ardour–a module or whatever. Imagine simplifying and encouraging collaboration over networks.

In my opinion, this band, Ardour and I share the need to be progressive and represent the state of our art. As a producer, I am thinking alot about Curly, his band and their new album. I want my friend’s album to be new and exciting. I’ll be saving .mid files for each of these songs. When Ardour does sequencing I’m gonna milk its “state” like your momma.

So much good work to do, so little time,


Please, download and enjoy but do not distribute or modify this song.