Questions about upgrading to v2 and Tiger


Thank you all for putting up with my barrage of posts regarding my crashing problems yesterday. As a result, I am strongly considering upgrading to Tiger just so I can use v2 of Ardour. With this, comes some questions before I do it…

  1. My main problem encountered with v0.99.3 seems to be with even conservative use of LADSPA plugins. Some of them (especially the CMT package) crash the app and I can’t even open the Session. Will I have better reliability and performance with v2 and plugins? CMT is especially unreliable in 0.99.3. Does this package run better in v2?

  2. Is is true that the download for v2, as “universal DMG”, means that it can be for both Intel and PPC Macs? Seems so. I have PPC.

I know the plugins aren’t Ardour’s fault but I just wanted to know if v2 just performs better with them (especially the CMT package), aside from the other app improvements.



Firstly, I apologize for not building a panther version of ardour in a timely manner. I do intend to build one soon (within the next week) after 2.0.3 is released.

As for your LADSPA troubles, they sound like a potentially reproducable issue, and as I also built the plugins, maybe my fault as well. Can you give more details about the specific plugins that cause crashes, and exactly what you did (or can reproduce yourself from a new session)?


Ah, I see your details from your earlier posts, never mind.