Questions about Lua scripts

Hi folks.
I have a few questions about Lua scripts possibilities. I 've begun to read manual’s documentation about lua without finding the solution (btw, i have no skills for coding or scripting)
1 ) Is it possible, with lua scripts, to add x numbers of plugins ?
I would love to add Eq and comp and gate just by selecting tracks and clicking on Lua Action button for tracks or Comp+reverb+eq for reverb busses.

  1. I sometimes use lua scripts like ‘Add filters’ , ‘Add scopes’ or ‘Send tracks to bus’ and i notice that all that script add actions post-fader. I didn’t found in the script where to change it to pre-fader, i think it is here but i can’t change it succesfully:

[“position”] = { title = “Insert Position from top (0,…)”,

for 2), I found it by setting 0 in the box dialog when adding the script to a button. Have to rewrite the value then it works.

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