question about vocal's effects

I have very simple question:
which effects do you add to vocal track?
Which do you think are most useful for mixing vocal with music?
I still have problem with mastering…



If needed, add a bit of compression.

If needed, add a bit of EQ.

Where compression & EQ should only be used when necessary, you will want reverb. The reverb does not need to be loud or “big” - you don’t necessarily need to hear the reverb itself, you need to hear the space it gives to the vocals.

Whatever you do, don’t overdo it if you want the vocals to sound natural. If you don’t want it tou sound natural, just go with the flow… :wink:

tnx :slight_smile:

Maybe you know…
i have problem with my mono tracks.
Do you know that is any possibility to add
TAP Reverberator to the mono tracks in my projects.

if no, what do you think is the best choice to record a vocal track, that is mono or stereo, because I can’t add many plugins for mono track

tnx for yours answers

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You need to “copy” the mono signal to a stereo signal. The swh-plugins set contains a handy plugin called “Mono to stereo splitter” which does exactly this.

thanks for your advice -
everything’s alright

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