Question about location of recorded files

I´ve recorded my guitar into a Ardour session, and I try to take my session to another DAW, but the .wav file of my recorded guitar is not present into my session folder (recorded. I can´t found the files .wav. Is it possible the files recorded into Ardour are saved out of my session folder? Are the recorded files save with some kind of compression or encriptation? I can´t found the .wav file name on my disk as showed in the properties track.
I´m using Adour 6.6 on windows 10 with a USB interface for recording my guitar.

Thanks in advance

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Ardour stores all recorded and imported audio and MIDI files inside the session folder. We do not intend for users to “poke around” in the session folder structure (and certainly not to alter it), but the files are there and not hidden.

If we call the session is called “mysession” and we call the location of the session folder “$mysession”, then you will find recorded audio at: $mysession/interchange/mysession/audio


Hello Paul. Thanks. I have this session on my windows PC (win10) and I want to move to my laptop (ubuntu 20.04). Both of them with Ardour 6.6.
I want move my session from my win10 pc to my laptop. But the recorded files are not present in the session folder. I have only files imported into the ardour session.

This is my session on windows

This is the session folder

And this is the error message on linux when I opened the ardour session on ubuntu:

Any suggestion? I used Tonelib on my guitar tracks, but I have same plugin in both computers.
I´ve uploaded my original session here to check it out if it is possible.

Thanks in advance.

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