Question about gain stages - track and master busses

  • I loaded an mda test generator plugin into a mono track post-fader
  • set it to 1kHz
  • set both track and master bus fader levels to 0.0dB
  • track trims are also set to 0.0dB
  • all meters are set to Peak (+6dBFS)
  • I then set the level in the test generator plugin to reflect a -15db level in the track meter
  • the signal level reflected in the track is -15dB
  • and the level in the master bus is -18dB
  • is there a setting somewhere or am I overlooking something here?

There is a panner. Mono to stereo distributes the signal, equal power to each channel. -3dB by default.

If you pan the signal hard-left, you should see -15dBFS on the master bus’ left channel, and -inf dBFS on the right.

thanks Robin!! - operator error again - makes sense since the panning is not equal power - doh!