Quarter note in Midi Editor

I want to make a Persian music. How to change the pitch of E notes to -50 cent in piano roll?

The change in pitch is made in the virtual instrument you are playing. The piano roll can only produce standard midi notes. Many virtual instruments support different scales/tunings using the Scala format, for example Pianoteq and Yoshimi. A file with an enormous number of scales is available here: Scala Home Page. If you don’t find the scale you want you can make your own Scala file. Another way to change tuning is with a pitch bend wheel, which could be controlled through automation, but you could only play one note at a time because the pitch bend will operate on all notes.


Ardour midi tracks have a pitch bend option, per channel, on individual notes.
It’s called “Bender”, and is accessible as follows:


thanks. It only raises the frequencies and I just want to lower the E notes - 50 cents. Also, it is difficult if I want to use automation in all parts. I want something like retune in Windows

If you place one E note somewhere, at the frequency you want,
then you can henceforth copy-and-paste that note.
The pitch bend will go with it, and you can, of course,
stretch, change the instrument, etc.

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Thanks. It seems that at the moment I have no choice but this

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