Quantize Audio Signals (ie drums)?

Is there a way with ardour to quantize recorded tracks? For example drums?

Since there is no midi support yet (so you could use a midi track to sync with your recorded track) I’m only talking about basics like on a 8th or 16th base.

Thats not the point. Off course you have to record with clicks.

The point is, even if you are a good drummer (or whatever) sometimes you are slightly away from perfection. And for that perfection you need some tools. Melodyne in the “normale” recording world, for example.

This is not an ideological thing. Of course you can say you need the human touch or you don’t want to “lie” to your audience, but that is not how the business works. The final thing is what counts, and if you need to correct bad musicians or make good muscians perfect then you need a DAW which is capable of that or you have to choose other products the ardour.

So I thought maybe there is a plugin … maybe you could use Melodyne through VST. I don’t know.

My bad,
Did not realize the intent. FWIW, I never work that way. If you work with machines you can get your precious little perfect timing and it’s cool, I use that too. As far as recording real people, well some do better than others with respect to timing… Personally I would not use plugins to rectify a performance (like Melodyne or AutoTune), just not my thing. I’d rather do another take or some clever editing of a couple of takes. I’m old school.

I think if you already found a solution to this particular predicament in the world of commercial software, run with it. I’m not aware of anything open source that will do what you want. Others may chime in with suggestions. I mostly use ardour as a recording platform and I’m not up to speed with all the signal analysis/correction software that might be available. Good luck!

Short answer is no.

You could chop up your wave file and line up the bits to the grid lines. It’ll be tedious and might not always work depending on how much separation you have on individual drum tracks.

Assuming you are recording drums: why aren’t you recording them first? Or at least use the click track feature to keep everything on the same beat?

More importantly, why aren’t you synching Ardour to Muse or Rosegarden to write your drum part (since you mention MIDI). If you want MIDI it is available even though not integrated. I use Muse and LinuxSampler for drums and it’s working fine. You can revise your drum parts at a later date and remain in synch with recorded material at all times.