Quality of upsample moving from 48Khz to 96khz

What’s the quality of converting from 48Khz to 96khz at the maximum setting, does it affect the audio in any way.

I always point people to this reference when these sort of questions come up: https://xiph.org/video/vid2.shtml

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Upsampling does not add any information to the original 48 kHz sound, so it is probably waste of disk space and computing resources. It’s like taking a color photo of a black and white original, the result is still black and white :slight_smile: Or maybe you have a special use case where 96 kHz makes sense ?

To answer the original question that was asked:

Short version is no. There isn’t any immediate benefit or detraction when talking about upsampling to my knowledge.

Now I can point you to the other posts, unless you have a good reason to do so I am not sure why you would do this.


Well I believe some plugins including amp simulation plugins sound different at various sample rates, more so plugins quality not audio quality. I know many would debate it’s all the same but I hear differences so far.

I would recommend you do an ABX test to confirm/deny you suspicions. The placebo effect may be at work again… Might save you hours of your life upsampling for no reason.

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I’ve noticed the same effect as Mrskytown11. If I expect the sound to have better quality, then I hear better quality even if it is not there. It’s better to randomize the sample clips and not know which one is playing, otherwise expectation affects perception.

Also, “different” != “better”

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