Quality of life improvements when using an x-touch

I’ve written a very short and simple mididings script that makes two small improvements (well, I think they’re improvements, anyway) to the ergonomics of using a Behringer X-touch with Ardour:

  1. Auto-selects the rightmost or leftmost channel when scrolling with the fader bank or channel left/right buttons, so Ardour’s UI (mostly) stays in sync with what the x-touch is showing.

  2. Automatically click the flip button whenever the send button is used to adjust the levels on the selected track’s sends, so you can use the faders instead of the panning knobs to do the adjusting.

Inspired by someone else’s work doing similar things with Cubase and MaxMSP and/or PureData.

To use it, install mididings, use it to launch the script, then route the x-touch MIDI output to the mididings input and the mididings output to Ardour’s mackie control in slot.

Posting here in case someone else finds it useful.

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