Qjackctl vs cadence

I’ve been meaning to use jack now since the pulseaudio backend doesn’t support midi, and I can’t decide between cadence and qjackctl, what’s the difference between these two?

Well, both are written with QT and work as a GUI for JACK server. They can do almost the same thing, but there are things you can do beyond and easily on Cadence (like manage ALSA/JACK/Pulseaudio bridges, see system info, change cpu scaling governor…) but on the other hand Qjackctl can offer more advanced configurations and an lovely graphical window to manage all connections, script stuff, transport and so on.

There’s also Studio Controls which I find much more out-of-the-box. Things like bridges or correct system setup for audio production are made much easier, especially for beginners.
Combined with Carla this is my personal goto for using Jack.

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If you just need MIDI, you can use the Ardour ALSA backend. You only need jackd if you need to route audio between applications.

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Known issue with qjackctl: Lets you set anything . This is a problem for new users who try to use a jack master input from one device and the jack master output from another. Mostly USB mic in and mother board audio out. This pretty much locks jackdbus up to a point where starting jackdbus from another application like jack_control is not obvious.

Known issue with Cadence: System setting are changed in a way that turning Cadence off or removing Cadence does not set back to pre-Cadence state.

Neither are show stoppers, but they are things to be aware of if trouble shooting.

Known issues with using ALSA: Firewire devices may not work or work reliably. Can’t connect external applications like hydrogen.

Known issues with Studio Controls: Will not work correctly if Cadence has ever been installed since system install. Many advanced settings are not available. Young and unpolished. (unlike the author who is older… but still not really polished)

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