Push 2 Support

I am interested in the Push 2 support. I have one of these things and and love it for use with Live 9.6. I tried the demo version of Ardour and could not get it fully working.

At one point, I did get it to do a few things:
-I did see a few mixer controls when first turned on
-was able to use some pads for midi notes at one point, but not lighted or with scales.
-Could not change modes or use features such as scales/ session view, and it was not reliably working.

My question:
-Should it work on Mac 10.11 64 bit?
-Am i missing something in the setup? I tried have a few different control protocol options. Which one should I use? Options were something like: Push 2 Live, Push 2 User, or Push 2 Pads (sorry not exact wording since not at that computer right now)


The automatic connection code doesn’t work as well on OS X right now as it does on Linux (and probably doesn’t work at all on Windows). You need to connect to the “Ableton Push 2 Live Port” for both input and output. I did testing on OS X using 10.11 and all features worked as I expected them too.

One other general “feature” (bug, really) that I’ve noticed so far is that first use with a given session tends to be flaky, then it seems to be better the next time you use the session, Ardour and the Push 2.

Please let me know how you get on - developing all this code as the only user isn’t really ideal.

I haven’t had much time to work on this the last couple weeks, but thought I’d get back to you. I did try it again the next day and it seemed to be okay after that as you said. I plan on on trying it again soon. Thanks.