Purpose of single clicks for mixer channel effects

In the past I made a request post about adding an OPTION for single click to toggle effect GUI (buttons) open / close in mixer channels, but this post is closed now. I have some updated information to share about this topic, but before I do I was just interested in maybe finding out what is the purpose / uses / benefits of single click to select and double click to open?

LMB selects the single effect button, but then what?
-Can use Ctrl+LMB to select single effect button as well
-If want you can use other modifiers to select multiple items which has purpose
-Thought it was because in order to delete a button you had to click on effect button to select it and then hit the delete key to delete it but I have since found out that you can hold shift + RMB click to delete
Can someone share some uses / benefits for a single click to select an effect button?

I apologize if I am missing / overlooking something obvious before making this post.
I don’t know all the hotkeys / purposes of everything just yet.
Thank You

It is mainly convention and consistency.

If in one place a single click selects, while in an other place single-click activates an operation, you will have to think a lot harder to pick the right operation. Muscle memory will fail, and errors will more easily slip in when using using the application under stress or pressure.

Interaction should not be context dependent.

Even if it was an option, I’d not want to provide support where I’d first have to ask a given user what that preference is set.

PS. Keep in mind that mouse-press can initiate a drag operation.

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Thank you for your response.
To some degree I can see what you are saying, but I think I can also provide some information that could challenge these reasons a little.
This is a feature that I would really love to see added to Ardour, I think there are some good benefits to having this available as an OPTION, I think it would be worth making a case for it.
Not sure what kind of forum this is, but if I can provide information about this topic, that as mentioned could challenge Ardours current views about, would it be okay to do so?
Just wanted to check with you and Paul that it is okay before I do.
Wasn’t sure how set against this you guys might be, if I can provide some things for you guys to think about would you be open to reconsidering?
Just keep in mind that I will be challenging the current views so I just don’t want this to lead to any kind of unintended arguement. Also keep in mind that I have a LOT of information to share about the topic.
To be honest a simple hotkey OPTION like this was not something I was expecting to have to fight for, but as mentioned I do think it is worth it.
As said, it will just be an option if a user desires to turn it on, the current settings will remain the default of course, it won’t even require the changing on any other hotkeys / GUI elements other than a check box in the option section. I have mentioned in past that there are many other DAWs / audio production applications that do provide this, so it is not like something obscure.

Anyways, just wanted to see if you guys are open to hearing about this, just don’t want to type out a bunch of information, if you guys are already against the idea completely. Let me know how you guys feel and I will start to prepare some more info about the topic.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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