Puppy problem

I’m having a problem with the menus in Puppy Linux not disappearing and not being able to see the tracks.

If you create new track, the menus kinda stay, and then if you go to the top those menus all stay too until all you can see are the menus.

If you hit maximize twice it temporarily fixes it.

I had it working before, so I don’t know why this is happening.

Any thoughts?

Oi, short answer, don’t use Ubuntu’s packages. Build it yourself or find someone that built it right. 2.8.6 is also pretty dang old and LOTS of bugs have been fixed since then IIRC, yet another reason to build it yourself.


What version of Ardour? Did you compile it yourself?


Sounds like the video driver to me.

It’s version 2.8.6, from the Ubuntu repositories. (The new Puppy Linux is built from Ubuntu packages.)

I don’t think it’s the video driver, because it worked before.