Punch in - punch out

Hi all,
I must be dumb, but I haven’t been able to use this function. I’ve checked an old thread in here but it leads to the manual whose section is not developed yet. I’ve also viewed a tutorial on the tube but it had no effect. I have a track in which there’s a short section I have to record over, but either I click the IN and OUT buttons next to secondary clock or I chose Set punch from Selection or Set Start End Session of the Selection nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

if you right clic on the rulers and “add a new punch range”
then you can move the in/out punch marks to fit your need
now you active the in/out buttons
put the head before the punch range
active REC ready on the track & master REC right to stop button
then press space it should work as expected.

Thank you, SJ. I’ll try later.