Punch in - Punch out

Hi, I have a problem with punch in Ardour. Normally I record a track, then select the punch range, active punch in and punch out buttons and do a rec-play again for punching the selected range.

The problem is: for some strange reason somtimes in the firts punch the punch system don’t work properly, it records more time that the time of the punch range and the wave recorded aren’t aligend with the rest of the song. And the most impresionant: I delete the wrong recorded region (recorded by auto punch) and do a rec-play again for punch. And now the second time that I punch all works fine!

I don’t undestat. why the firts auto-punch dosen’t work correctly and the second works fine? I’m working bad? It’s a bug?

I use ardour 2.8 on a 64Studio on 64 bits OS

Lot of thanks

OK, Thanks I will try the 64Studio binary

Hi Sapista,

I just tried it using ardour 2.8.1 I compiled from source this morning, and though it looks like the recording is happening at the wrong place, it jumps into position right after the punch out. Perfectly in sync, the first time.

Also tried it on 2.8 (from the 64 studio repositories) and it worked fine there as well.

Strange indeed. Does it happen every “First time” with you, or was this an isolated event?

2.8.1 on (true) 64 studio :wink: