PT import - track down error

I’m trying to import a PT session, but importing a few audiofiles it gives this error:

“Failed to load one or more of the audio files, but continuing to attempt import.”

But nothing is imported from that point. Is there anywhere I can find a log on how far Ardour got with the import and basically find out what files makes it choke?

Can it be that notes/strips containing only text isn’t supported as PT import?

you cant import pt sessions into ardour, you can try using aatranslator to convert sessions , but the best way to go from here to there would be stems i suppose…


Sorry your info is a bit out of date. THere has been work to implement importing protools sessions into Ardour, but I don’t think it is complete yet, not real sure to be honest. This was started in the 4.x series of releases IIRC, so for example see here:


Sadly I don’t have a good answer for you on this, sorry.


oops i had no idea, thanks for clarifying…

Hello. I’m sorry for reviving this old topic.
I’ve just discovered the PT import menu on Ardour 5.12 and as I’m gonnna work exclusively on Linux I got interrested by this tool (cause I made project on protools and I’d like to be able to re-open them)
But when I select a ptx file it says “Doesn’t seem to be a valide PT session”
Any idea how I could fix it?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Well the first question is, what version of ProTools was the project made in? I can’t remember the details but the PTX support only supports particular versions of ProTools IIRC.


It was Protools 11 I think.

Well it may help to be sure, but here is what the manual says about it:

Though incomplete, this import is intended for ptf and ptx files. Protools® 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 have been tested with varying degrees of success. (versions 6 and 7 are not supported).

A couple of things to note is the ‘varying degrees of success’ in particular and incomplete as a second thing. I would suggest seeing if you can save it as an older version of PT file and see if that works.


Yeah I read it ^^
but I don’t have Protool on my personnal computer, I have Sound Design courses and had to use PT there. So I thought it would be nice keeping these works ^^
I hope it will be completed in Ardour 6 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I wouldn’t hold my breath as there is a lot of reverse engineering in there to ‘complete’ it. You can try AATranslator as well (Commercial software) and see if you have better luck there.


Oh I didn’t saw your last reply. I know AATranslator, but never tried it. And I’m not gonna buy it cause it’s a windows only software, and I want to use Linux only :slight_smile:
But many thanks for your reply ^^ I think I’ll take a free trial of protools to export my stems intead :man_shrugging:
si I’ll just need to import rendered stems to Ardour or Reaper ^^

I have been able to ‘complete’ most of it for Ardour 6. It should open any session between ProTools 5 to 12 inclusive. See for a detailed breakdown of what works and what doesn’t, currently only compound “grouped” regions don’t work in 10-12, but everything else should be working in terms of Audio and MIDI placement in the session.

It would be good to get some more test sessions for versions 6 and 7 containing MIDI so I can fill in the rest of the table.