Project stopped sound


sorry, I am a beginner, and I afraid I pushed the wrong button. I was working with Ardour3 fine, up until a point when it stopped all the sound. Now this is what I see:

And I hear nothing. Although the audio engine still works fine, I can begin new projects, and they work, and I even hear the pieces that I import (even when I click “Audition” in Regions tab I hear them playing!). Of course when I export it, I can hear when I play it back.

So it is very strange, and as far as I see, nothing is muted, the volume is not turned down. I see it playing, but I cannot hear.

Please help me to restore my project!

Thank you,

Some Calf plugins make the master/monitor bus lose its output connections when inserted anywhere, at least on my system. I have no idea why that happens but that might be something to look out for.

Windows>Audio Connections

Make sure that your Master Track is patched to your hardware outputs.


Do as seablade suggested, check that the master track is routed to the physical outputs of your sound card. All sound of your session normally goes through the master track and if you accidentally changed the routing to point somewhere else than your sound card output, then you won’t hear anything.

You can chane master track output for example by opening the mixer window (keyboard shortcut for this: keep alt pressed and press m), scroll all the way to the right to see your master track, click on the button just above button “Comment” on master track, then you see some possible output ports, select one that says 1 + 2. See picture below:

What kind of sound card are you using and how many physical outputs are there ? If you have more that one stereo output, then you might have routed sound to some of those other outputs.

Great, it works by connecting it! Thank you very much, I have no clue how it lost the connection!

Also you should strongly consider updating to a recent version of Ardour, as Paul has mentioned multiple times there is a bug in many known versions of Ardour3 that could cause a loss of data.

At the very least follow the old mantra to a fault, ‘Save early, save often’, followed by ‘MAKE LOTS OF BACKUPS’!