Project stopped playing... NOOOOOO!!!

I’ve been working on a project/song over the last few months and as of this morning, the playhead no longer plays. Everything else seems to be fine… even the snapshots I took a few months back. But the latest/greatest is dead in the water.

I went into the mixer and disabled every single plugin thinking it might help; not so much. What the hell happened? Is there a file or something I can tweak to address this? I’d hate to go back to my March snapshots any try to ‘remix’ all over again.

Ardour 2.8.16
Linux Mepis 11
Calf Plugins
Glame Plugins
Invada Plugins

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Nevermind… found my answer here:

For whatever reason, my project wasn’t set to use internal Time master. Was set to MTC (whatever that is).
Panic Attack averted!!

MTC is MIDI Timecode - basically it enables you to sync the playback to a MIDI device, so I guess if you have none, then it won’t play.