Project corrupted - ways to recovcer?

an ardour project of mine has corrupted; are there ways to recover? (Forgive me i didn’t search actually just shooting the question)
what happened:
It’s a JAD 1.0 distro on x86 platform, a lousy soundblaster; but is working quite AWESOME! Great work btw!
I use Ardour 2.2 - 2918.

The project doesn’t open anymore with the loading error:
“AudioEngine: cannot register port “click/out 1”: a port with this name already exists: check for duplicated track/bus names”

…i think i know what i did: i had it running with the click routed to the master bus; then i needed to record a click track, so i just created a new mono audio track, routed input as “click out 1”; (did not unroute the click from the master in’s in the options dialog); recorded the click track, set the click in the transport controls to off, and worked happily with the audio track…until i tried to re-open the session the other day.

I fondled with the session-xml file a bit, but renaming the connections click to clock or clack or something with kwrite didn’t do the trick.
The snapshot is misconfigured as well; and i did not save a backup session. (I miss the save as button btw :slight_smile:

well, thanks for reading, i hope for any ideas, thanks a ton!
…i could send the xml…it’s just hobby homework, but loads of edits…

I had a project that blew on me once with 2.1. I could not open it for a reason similar to what you are describing. I upgraded to 2.3 SVN-ongoing and I could open the session without fuss. All my routing was lost, all the effects were gone, some tracks had no IOs at all. I had to reroute everything and so on. Then I made a backup :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try the newest SVN version…these days :slight_smile: my out-of-the-box-JAD distro isn’t yet equipped with all the build-essentials.

Anyways, thanks so far!

no, ardour 2.3 3029 doesn’t open the project either.

There don’t seem to be methods of recovering corrupted sessions. Can one import tracks from another session into a new one maybe?


hardly someone will belive, but some days ago i tried to open session which is recorded with v0.99.3.
ardour2 refuses to open it, just freezing by using about 24% of memory and ardour0.99.3 behaved the same with this session, altough about a half year ago, they both was able to open it.
i tried everything what came into my mind, always copying the project, so that i have one copy which is not touched. than at one point, and now comes the funny part - i stopped jackd and closed qjackctl, than started jackd from the command line, with the same parameters i am using in qjack (the command line is written in the qjack’s messages window), and guess - ardour opend the project. this really after a hours of tweaking, but than…?
now i can open this session every time with both -0.99.3 and v2, in a normal scenario, means running qjackctl.

no idea if it will help you, but it is worth to try, i did not believed to myself, when this happened.


thank you, didn’t do the trick though, but i received an error message in the jackd terminal “duplicate port in port registration progress” when the audio engine attempts to load; so i’ll try some different audio engines next.

thanks for the hint!

Hey! I re-read your 1st post more carefully. I just had the same kind of crap, because I happened to name one send with the name of the bus the send was connected to. After I created the send, I could go ahead and continue working, then I saved and closed the session. When I tried to open it, same stuff (duplicate port blabla). So I opened the session’s ardour file, located the send and just removed the XML block. I then reopened the session and that was fine. I created a send with a different name this time and all is cool.

I think this shows that ardour should complain right away when you attempt to create an object with an existing object name. So in your case, you created an object (mono track called click) which happens to use an already existing name. Just remove the track from your ardour file.

Awesome Mate!

i deleted the whole track from the xml now instead of trying to rename ports, and its open again!

I’m thinking, if you got similar trouble, it does look like a bug to me, i’ll try to recreate, if it is, do you know how to bug-report here somewhere?

Anyways the session is open but doesn’t play anymore; i’m quite new to ardour but somehow i’ll get my highly edited audio tracks out of there, so muchas gracias!

… if only i could play my bass better, i wouldn’t have to edit that much :))

and, really a save as button goes on my personal ardour feature wishlist.

Thanks! You the man Thorgal!
greetz from munich,

cool man! yeah, I think it’s a known issue. I now vaguely remember someone posting about a similar problem once but I did not pay attention at the time. To report bugs, you have a link on top of this page (Issue Tracker). You need to create an account to be able to post anything. As to the issue, I think ardour should just pop up a warning window stating that you are trying to call something new with an existing name and stop you from doing so.

@rooker: another way to fix this is to use a newer version of Ardour, although it may be the case that the fix you describe would still be needed for an existing session that had the problem.

I’ve had the same problem (with Ardour v2.8 rev 4918), and I’ve found out how what causes it and how to fix it:

  1. CAUSE: It's caused by duplicate "Send" names (e.g: both sends on 2 different channels are called "Reverb")
  2. FIX: Edit the project XML (.ardour file) and search for the offending port name (e.g. "Reverb"): IO name="Reverb" Then rename all occurences to distinct names, like "ReverbX" and "ReverbY".
  3. Now you can open your project again. :slight_smile: