Progressive Rock Recording - "Against the Tide"

After literally 100s of songs I am narrowing down some for my 3rd album. I have never publicly released any of these; that’ll be the next step. I’ve experimented around with a lot of different sounds, so I don’t consider this song representative of everything I have done, but it would be great to hear back from others. It’s so hard to tell how things will sound on all the different systems (and even various models of professional monitors).

I originally started on Cool Edit Pro 1.2a, then progressed to Adobe Audition 1.5 and Cakewalk Music Creator. Since then I have tried Sonar 5 and 6 as well, and of course, Ardour. There are still some features I would like to see, but all of them have already been addressed and are in the works for future versions.

Anyway, drums are from Hydrogen, synth effects are from Rosegarden using Soundfont 2 banks, Ardour for tracking, and a few commercial plugins that I have yet to find in LADSPA. Guitars are using a Digitech Pedal utilizing the cabinet simulator, and going straight in to my mixer inputs. Enjoy!

It’s a neat song you’ve got there.

Is that a GPL hydrogen Kit or one you made yourself?

(I especially liked the drums)

I made the drumkit myself, using samples from my real drums. One awesome trick you can do to make drums sound more real in Hydrogen is take advantage of the Humanize function as a “randomizer”. I’ll use about 4-5 samples, and then layer them very closely, say, 5-10 apart in velocity. Then you can lightly humanize it and not only will it vary the volume, but it will randomize which sample it picks. This is especially useful on high hats so they don’t sound mechanical (without having to spread the samples and choose a different one each time).

Impressive, Most inpressive…
“Them damn Prog rockers always sine…”

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