Progress with MIDI

The screenshot below shows some of the progress being made in the trunk branch of Ardour toward MIDI recording, playback and editing. Congratulations and thanks to Dave Robillard, for his rapid work on the core of this as well as the code restructuring it has required, and to Google for funding Dave this summer.

Looking good.

Is the slider at the left side of each midi track for writing midi CC?

It would be very cool to have this for automation writing on audio tracks too.

Just one feature request!

Will be nice that the midi piano roll can work like an Piano
Learning tutor mode!

sort of

but with cords!

Users must be able to learn midi keyboards an make fun of it and in same time lean ardour and the timing of audio and midi

Looking nice!

This is very exciting, I am just starting to play with midi and Ardour for that matter, and I really enjoy it. Thanks

Looking good, as usual :slight_smile:

That is hot stuff, Dave. Awesome work.

there is no release date, and there is no date known at which there will be a release date. the code is always available via SVN (see, but we do not make any promises about the usability or reliability of the trunk branch. it could destroy older sessions for example (unlikely, but possible).

when will be relase officially one working release with the midi?

This is wonderful news. Congratulations to Dave and to all the developers, it must be very gratifying. I can’t wait!

I currently don’t want to try the SVN version because I need stability and I’m pretty new to linux. I’m keeping an eye on ardour for 2 years now and I recently got a virus on my windows platform… So I dumped it and installed ubuntu , ardour, jack and all the kit and I’m really impressed by the ease of use the ressemblance with Pro Tools. Thanks or the good work!

Blaise Bernier
— Sound engineer, Recording engineer

I’ve got muse and jack installed and working and have succeeded in recording and playing back from a keyboard with them. Rosegarden is my next project but it may be over kill for what I want to do. Hadn’t heard of Imms so now I need to take a look at it also.