Programming Error: true hardware name for ID missing.

OS - openSuSE 10.3

I built Ardour about a month ago and it fired up OK. I was unable to do a full test, due to a rebuild of my physical system. Jack ran and I could patch Midi and Audio via Alsa, no problem.

Yesterday I took delivery of a Behringer BCF2000 which I propose to use to drive Ardour. I pluuged it in, patched it via Jack and began the setup procedure from the Ardour Manual. That all went fine.

I then tried in vain to associate the Faders with Ardour. Absolutely no result.

This morning, I switched on the BCF2000, tried to start up Ardour and I got the message “Programming Error: true hardware name for ID missing”. Ardour shut down immediately. I tried starting Jack using QJackCtl and Jack came back with “Could Not start Jack - Sorry”.

Thinking that I may have screwed up some fundamental config settings, I then did:

scons -c install
scons -c
scons install

to rebuild Ardour.

Ardour is still showing the same problem and Jack still refusers to start. How do I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


After some uneventful investigations, I de-installed Ardour once again and then scoured my system for config files etc., that the de-install hadn’t removed and deleted them. I then rebuilt Ardour from the ground up and it now starts up, but Jack is still refusing to start, bombing out immediately after the jackd -realtime… command, naming Alsa as the backend. The error message “Could not start Jack, sorry” is about as useful as a choclate teapot. Jack is returning an error code of 255, but I can find no reference to that anywhere.

I don’t really want to have to rip down Jack and rebuild that, because if memory serves me, it was a little wos’name to get running in the first place.

I got the same error message when I fired up ArdourVST and had forgotten to plug my USB Soundcard in, It seemed like it must store your hardware info somewhere and if there’s a mismatch it throws that error. When I tried it the next time with the proper card plugged in and Qjackctl running first it went away and started just fine.

Not exactly an answer to your question but it would seem the common factor is the change of audio device.

Just the same thing.

Cheking in my home I found and [.Ardour2] hidden directory, in there is a file called ardour.rc

I open it and found this tags (this are not together but scattered in the file):
interface val=“VIA 8235”
inputdevice val=“VIA 8235”
outputdevice val=“VIA 8235”

Then I went to my configuration system and read the name of my audio device and replace for the new one (on those tags), all just worked fine for me.

Almost forgot: System Kubuntu 8.04

Hope this helps some one.