Program will not shut down

Hello folks! Just started using Ardour and think this product really is amazing! Quite a lot of power at my fingertips :slight_smile: There is one issue I’m having right now. I cannot seem to shut down the app? Any time I try to quit the app I just get the spinning beach ball. Any tips on this?

Much thanks!

Not off hand, first question is are you using the version from this website, second question is what version of OS X and Ardour are you using?


I just checked and I’m running the following…

Ardour 5.5.0
“The Plateaux of Mirror”
(rev 5.5)
Intel 64-bit

On my Mac which is running 10.12.1

Now I just opened Ardour and closed it without any issues. It just seems to happen when I’m working on a project.

Maybe related to Plugins? Can you try a session that has the issue with “Safe mode” (Checkbox in session setup), or plugin GUIs.

In some cases we’ve seen a crash at exit – but you’re the first to report an endless loop. If you can find a recipe to reproduce that would be helpful.
There’s some anecdotal evidence that a Plugin Rescan (clear cache, scan in Preferences > Plugins) is needed if you recently upgraded OSX -> MacOS and ran Ardour on OSX before. Maybe that helps.

oops. to elaborate on “…or plugin GUIs”: I meant displaying Plugin UIs (possibly a Plugin UI is not taken down properly and results in blocking the application)