Prog rock collaboration pieces

Hi everyone

Here are a couple of progressive rock tracks done with my good friend Julien Claassen who isn’t an Ardour user – boo, hiss! (But, respect where it’s due, he’s a pure commandline user and I can’t begin to comprehend multi-track recording that way.) However, as I recorded, mixed and mastered these, they were tracked in A2 and mixed and mastered in A3.

I wish I’d had A3 back when these were recorded in 2010 as there were a few aspects I could’ve done with editing MIDI data a little when it came to mixing. But never mind, onwards and upwards!

Here they are, we hope you enjoy:

As A Cloud Passes The Sun, So My Life Turns Grey

Time To Go

Huge thanks and respect to all the Ardour team, it just gets better and better.