Processor box greyed out

I have a project consisting of a number of tracks. In the mixer view, the processor box of one of the tracks is greyed out. There are some plugins in the box but I can’t edit them anymore.

If I look at the Audio track controls, also the playlist button is greyed out?

Which magic button did I push that prevents me from adding more mistakes?

Euh, I mean: how can I make the processor box active again?


You likely froze the track.

Right-click on the timeline of the track and pick “Unfreeze”

Yep that was it.

I will study the documentation to see what ‘freeze’ and ‘unfreeze’ do.


Freezing a track applies the plugin(s) with their current settings and creates a new audio file.
The main purpose is to save DSP power so the plugin(s) don’t have to run live anymore.

That explains! I saw a new ‘region’(?) containing ‘bounce’ in its name with information like where it was created from.

I understand.

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