processing effects (Apply Plugins)

ok, this not a idea, is… a question?

right, im using pro tools in windows, and i see when apply efects
(processing effects) this is posible in ardour?
this function can relax the CPU…

+Effects in buses or tracks= +CPU
processing effects = - CPU

Sorry for my english, im mexicano

please take my idea, Perfect Ardour = processing effects

all plugins in ardour are applied in realtime, non-destructively.

if you want to get them applied so that a region has the effect permanently, you have two choices:

  1. Freeze the track (track context menu -> Freeze)
  2. Bounce the region (region context menu -> Bounce)

The first applies to all regions in the track, and produces one large region. The second creates a new region from the one selected (stored in a new audio file). However, bouncing still doesn’t do quite what you want, even after this many years. I’ll correct this before 2.5 is released.

:smiley: Thanks
will i try

Ardour is good, but the compatibility of some Sound cards is very bad. i have a m-audio fast track usb in Ubuntu 8.04… work bad…

The Fast Track is a very popular, UNSUPPORTED interface. Why does everyone have this thing? The worst thing about it is that for some people it works perfectly and others it barely works at all so people still try their luck with it.

If you are curious about compatible hardware check out my site where you can compare many devices:

Also be sure to check the alsa and freebob websites as well, because I haven’t added every supported pro audio device yet:

My site also lists devices that are “reported to work”, which are not officially supported but simply work out-of-the-box or with a little configuration.