Process Error - Ardour won't launch

Hello! I must have deleted something by accident and now when I try launching Ardour here is the message I get:

JackEngine::XRun: client = ardour was not finished, state = Triggered
JackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphAsyncMaster: Process error
Client ‘ardour’ with PID 1635 is out

My distribution/info:
|Distributor ID:|Ubuntu|
|Description:|Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS|
Linux 4.15.0-38-lowlatency x86_64

Does anyone have any Idea how I could fix this?
Do I have to reinstall it or is there another way to fix this?


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Can you try if it works if you use Ardour without JACK using Ardour’s Audio-System: ALSA ?

It didn’t work!

When opening Ardour the recent session menu opens up. If I pick an existent or a try to create a new project with or without JACK Ardour won’t launch, unexpectedly exit…

Maybe the same as Ubuntu Studio 17.10 Problem It is apparently also an issue on Ubuntu 18.04.

try sudo dpkg -P csladspa

If that doesn’t help we’ll need more information, crash log, and/or Or interactive troubleshooting on IRC.

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It worked out, thanks!

There was the same problem with Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS. Your recommendation helped. Ardour 5.12.0 is now loading. Thank you!

This is appalling. The problem was fixed upstream in csound on December 15, 2017. It also indicates that the Ubuntu Studio maintainers don’t even try to start Ardour before shipping it.

Hi Robin

I think they are resource strapped

I often see requests for testers / maintainers.

Maybe if you send a friendly reminder that might help sort it.

end users don’t seem to get noticed by package maintainers when you log a fix…

Disco (the current developer branch for 2019) presently has the same bug if you go to install MB / Ardour on a fresh built system. The plus side It only missed out one package dependancy requirement for compiling Ardour when it was released for developers, however Qt5 and synaptic not so. Took over two weeks for qt5 to be sorted and Synaptic has a root directory delete config file permission hiccup. That error crops up every other version.

I suspect your sagely advice on the forum’s is worth promoting as it is likely to re-occurr.

Same problem still. I just upgraded to 18.04.5 your fix fixed it.

Thanks again Robin.


I use ubuntustudio 18.04 (VERSION=“18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver)”). I’ve no problem starting 5.12 without the fix for csladspa. But today I thought that I check out the nightly build ( It didn’t start and I found this thread and applied the fix. It started fine after that. But, why would 5.12 start but not 6?

FYI: The dbg-version didn’t have any symbols compiled in so I couldn’t do a proper backtrace. And as it says on the debug page “If you got Ardour from, then (… mumble …)” :grinning:


When Ardour6-pre0 starts there’s a message:

There are still several issues and bugs to be worked on, as well as general workflow improvements, before this can be considered release software. So, a few guidelines:

  1. Please do NOT use this software with the expectation that it is stable or reliable though it may be so, depending on your workflow.
  2. Please wait for a helpful writeup of new features.
  3. Please do NOT use the forums at to report issues.
  4. Please do NOT file bugs for this alpha-development versions at this point in time.
    There is no bug triaging before the initial development concludes and reporting issue for incomplete, ongoing work-in-progress is mostly useless.
  5. Please DO join us on IRC for real time discussions …

I guess since A6 doesn’t start, you’re excused :slight_smile: – Please stay with 5.12 for the time being.

PS. perhaps try mv ~/.config/ardour6/ /tmp/

Oh. Sorry. I didn’t even read that message. I just clicked “ok”. My bad.