Problems with Tri-band parametric eq with shelves

With the eq plugin mentioned above I got a lot of trouble even with older Ardour version:

While adjusting some parameters it suddenly creates a horrible noise, the VU meter goes up to +whatever. When i disable/remove and enalble the plugin, it keeps a noise level about -15dB in any case. The only thing what helps is to remove it and restart Ardour completly.

This is sad because i like this eq and all the others are graphical ones, not parametric. But a parametric eq is that one what i need.

I can remember this eq was suggested to me in the IRC channel so i assume it works for other users :confused:

Are there any alternatives or better a solution/workaround for this issue?


I have the same problem. Don’t know where that comes from. I use a DC-remover plugin just after the EQ. It works for me.

I’m not sure if its that specific plugin but I have heard reports of some LADSPA EQs behaving unpredictably. If you need a parametric EQ I have some JACK client EQs on my site:

Since the inclusion of externalUI extension support for LV2 plugins in Ardour 2.8.3 I am at the moment working on an LV2 port of my EQ. I have a working prototype, but there are one or two loose ends that are proving difficult to tie up due to some strange behaviour with LV2 in ardour that I need to get some clarification about from the devs.

Hey linuxdsp, that would be great. I like your plugins. I would be easier to run them as LV2.

There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but out of some of the work I did porting the plugins to native VST format for DAWs like renoise and energyXT there has emerged what looks like a working strategy to have the GUI functioning in LV2. The recent addition of externalUI has finally put in place the remaining functions I needed in the host so I can now pass information from the GUI back to the host so the current state of the plugin gets saved correctly in the session. I’m cautiously optimistic at this stage. There may be an early beta version in the next couple of weeks.

The EQ Triple Band parametric by steve Harris works very well but have a small bug in the default value definitions, when you start the plugin it have Frequency parameters set to near-zero value. These cause an inestable system and generates the described noise. The solution is select frequencies greater than zero. The solution of DC remover works because destroy the conflict frequency and avoid the inestability, but is not a optimum solution because have CPU cost that can be saved simply selecting another frequency value in the filter.

      @Erdie: Give a try to FIL LADSPA plugin. A nice 4band parametric eq is there. Here is the link.

Just make a preset (for the triple band parametric with shelves) with all frequency values set to non-zero. Just load this ¨Null preset¨ every time you insert the plugin. Problem solved (atleast for me).


hey dude
I also have the same problem. Don’t know where that comes recommended in this blog I use a DC-remover plugin just after the EQ. but It doesnt works for me.please tell any other way. ineed ur help

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hey ndewan456123

Please read the entire post, and you’ll see that the recommended solution is not a DC-remover. That’s just a cumbersome way to achieve the same result.

There is now a ‘beta’ version of my parametric EQ on my website:

This is an LV2 plugin - if you have Ardour 2.8.3 then you should get the GUI - if not then you will just get the ‘default’ GUI provided by the host, but the effect should still work. There are some known limitations with the GUI version since this is still a beta version and is being developed at the moment…

Hi all,

thank you very much for all recommendations, I will not go forward and try the solutions you proposed. Sorry for being inactive up to now … I will come back for a feedback (non acoustic).


Changing the default frequency values was the trick. Now it works !