Problems with time streching

I’ve had some trouble with streching regions to fit to certain beat lengthns. Say for example I have a clip of some strings playing a melody. When I crop this melody to just four beats, I still need to adjust it so it lines up correctly with the project’s tempo. I set snaps to BEATS and drag the edge of the region to the beat, which is usually only a small ways off (ie the change in tempo from the original region to the streched is small).

This is where the problem arises. If I wanted to loop this sound, I could copy and paste a bunch of them one after another. I do this, but when playing it back, I notice a small clip between each repeated section. Zooming in, I see that the edge of the originally streched clip is not right on the beat I wanted it at. In an attempt to fix it, I strech the region again to the beat, but in adjusting this small distance, instead of fixing the problem, the software adds silence to the end of the region and pushes the actual sound backwards on the timeline. Doing it again makes the problem worse, and the more I try to drag the edge of the region to the beat – which is RIGHT there – it keep shrinking the sound and adding silence.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this just a feature that is still being worked out?


It’s a known bug in the timestretching library we use. Other software projects, like Audacity, have the same problem.